SendHolidayPostcard App - Create, Print, Send Postcards from Smartphone

This Holiday Postcard App also can be used to send holiday postcards from tablet, iPhone, iPad or computer. Launches January.


The Send Holiday Postcard app available from January 2020

Are you an established printing business who would be interested in printing high quality holiday postcards using our Holiday Postcards app?

If so, please introduce yourself; we are wanting to make contact with printers worldwide so that our customers using our Holiday Postcards App to Create, Print and Post holiday postcards from a Smartphone,  tablet, iPhone, iPad or a computer  can send holiday postcards locally that could be printed and posted by your firm on our behalf

Please  use the message box below to tell us about your business and your experience at printing and posting quality personalized holiday postcards using yours or a third party's Holiday Postcards app and we will get back to you. 

Our Customers will want to Create, Print and Post Holiday Postcards from their own country using our Holiday Postcards app. Would you like to be a member of our holiday postcards app team?

Are you a customer who is interested in using our holiday postcards app with your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad or computer?

If so, please use the message box below to express an interest in your wanting to create print and post holiday postcards via our app. 

We will arrange to post them to your friends and family whilst you are still on holiday.

Register your interest today to be amongst the first to use our Holiday Postcards app when it is launched in January  2020  As a thank you we will give you a special introductory offer.

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